For all budget requests, the treasury asks you to use our excel template. We will not accept budgets that do not follow this guideline. 

RSO (recognized student organizations) and all-campus events

For budget requests please fill out:

Funding request form for SEPCs:

Who qualifies? 

Any person elected as an SEPC is allowed to submit a funding request to access the SEPC funds.  

If SEPCs are collaborating, only 1 SEPC should submit a request. If collaboration is occurring with a student organization, the funding request should be submitted through the student organization treasurer. 

SEPC Funding Procedures 

All budget requests have to be made 2 weeks before an event, we cannot accept requests with less than 14 days in advance.  

The budget requests are processed by the Treasury. Please for financial requests, doubts, and comments, email the Treasurer and Vice-Treasurer. The VPAA works on budgets only if it goes over the limited budget for the SEPC. 

For requests please fill out:

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