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Student Government Association

Learn more about our current Cabinet’s work and about the Association

Who are we?

The Student Government Association is a governing body of student leaders who advocate for all students in partnership with Grinnell College Staff, Faculty, and Administration. As an extension of the will of students, we are in pursuit of an equitable and fulfilling experience at Grinnell College.

What Is The Senate?

The Senate is a student governmental structure designed to ensure that the voices of students from different academic years are heard and considered in decision-making processes. Each class year elects three senators to represent them, creating a structured system for student representation and participation in the governance of the college community.

A Circle of Students Sit Beneath a Tree in the Fall
What Do We Do?

The purpose of the Grinnell College Student Government Association (SGA) shall be to ethically and responsibly allocate student funds, represent students to the College administration and faculty, encourage student dialogue, solicit student opinion, and advocate for any other needs of the students.

How Can I Join?

Cabinet applications: Open on Handshake every August/September! 

Senators: Email sent out every first semester of the academic year!

Committees: Emails for applications are sent out by the VPSA, keep an eye out for them!

Student Educational Policy Committees: Elections are held whenever spots become available!
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Are you interested in getting involved in the world of policy examination, creating positive change on campus, and contributing to student life? Join a committee!

college curriculum committee
Committee on academic standing
student curriculum council
build a better grinnell
pioneer one-card committee
reform committee
safety and security advisory committee
dining services committee
financial committees
oversight, ethics, & elections committee
committee on diversity, equity and inclusion
community mini-grant
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Student Initiatives

Student initiatives are an opportunity for students to submit proposals for change on campus. They are Grinnell students’ most democratic mechanism for making our college a better, quirkier place.

Student Government association

Cabinet 2023-2024

Chief of Staff
bentley rieber
nam do
Academic Well-Being Coordinator
Darya Mohammadzadeh
Vice President of Student Affairs
Alyson won
Oversights, Ethics & Elections Committee
astrid utting
gabby hernandez
Vice President of Student Affairs
Grace Cuddihy
Concerts Chair
hayden davis
Speaker of The Senate
jasiah villalta
Communications Coordinator
tracey liu
Assistant Treasurer
Anna field
SEPC Coordinator
Thainá Theodoro
Concerts Chair
liv larsen
DEI Chair
Lily piede

Meet 2023-2024 Senators

First-year: Meilin Hoshino, Eliza Cline, Beatriz Polo Diz. 

Second-year: Scott Lee, Sam Wilson, Isabella (Bella) Nesbeth.

Third-year: Peter Versh, Ziana Benjamin, Luke Stefan.

Fourth-year: Andrew Fuller, Jasper Gray.

Our 2023-2024 Constitution

Made with care with the efforts of Cabinets 2022-2023, 2023-2024 and Senate.

Grinnell Student Government Association.

Our Location

Joe Rosenfield ’25 Center 1115 8th Ave, Grinnell, IA 50112